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WP6 is in charge of managing the datasets which after the application of improved reconciliation procedures, lead to develop a solidly-built professional web application serving balanced stock-flow diagrams for the PANORAMA project. These information services are made available to the panel of end users through a graphic interface with data download functionalities.

The underlying database has first been modelled as part of Task 6.1. As presented in D6.1 “Data Model Evolution and Code Lists”, it builds on the results of two previous projects, namely ProSUM and EXIOBASE which produced European and global databases dedicated to the Urban Mine/Urban Waste and Multi-Regional Environmentally Extended Supply and Use / Input-Output, respectively. Considering the PANORAMA thematic objectives, the database structure has been refined as a consequence of the advanced works in WP 3, 4 and 5.

As a result of this work in Task 6.2, the present document describes the detailed functional and technical specifications as well as all other aspects useful to the PANORAMA database and data dissemination application, such as hardware, software and human constraints and the corresponding IT infrastructure.

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Clain et al.
PANORAMA consortium

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